Star Student
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Sunday, January 15, 2017
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by Tara

Our star student is Katie Cabrera, a second grader from Mrs. Mardis’ stupendous second grade classroom! Katie’s favorite color is pink, the color of bubblegum.  Katie was looking forward to a lot of things in life, but one of the main things she enjoys is the F.I.S.H. program. Katie loves how the F.I.S.H. Philosophy  is all about  being there for others and putting a smile on each others’ faces.

Another thing Katie likes is playing with her friends at recess. A computer game called Prodigy is one of her favorite classroom activities. Katie says, ‘’Prodigy is a really fun game where you battle other wizards and solve math questions.”  Katie is a really thoughtful girl who always thinks of others first. Katie would like to say one thing to all the students who are going to a new  grade in August and are a little nervous….Don’t be afraid to let others teach you so you can learn new things!





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